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Project Civic Si
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Whats been done to my car so far??
The first thing i did was buy an exhaust because my stock one rusted completely apart. It was pretty loud but not a good loud. So i saved up some money and a month later i bought the brospeed cat back exhaust for my car. I picked brospeed because the quality was good and it was recomended by a lot of people and it has a 5 year warrenty on it. The exhaust at first wasnt to loud. I decided to make a homemade cold air intake system. I used a hose from another cars intake to make my air filter tube reach the bottom of my bumper. The made the car much louder!! The next thing i did was buy spark plug wires. Wires arent anything crazy and they say that good 8mm wires can even add 1-2hp which i dought its true but i did end up buying accel 8mm yellow spark plug wires. I bought them because they were cheaper then nology and NGK which are way!!! over priced. Accel wires or only $35 when nology and ngk were around $70-$80 and all 3 brands are 8mm. So for all of u who want nice looking wires dont waste ur money on more exspensive brands. I've had my wires for about 3 years now and no troubles yet. I then bought a DC sports 4-2-1 header. This was by far the best hp increase in everything i've done so far. DC sports is a well known brand in the import feild and people aways have something good to say about them. It took about 2-3 hours to put in. I then bought a real intake. A weapon r tubing with a k&n filter. I decided not a buy a cold air intake because i hear to many stories about how cars get hydrolucked motors because of water getting into the motor because of these CAI systems. When i got my motor rebuilt i had it bored out .060 over which is the limit for these motor with 10-1 compression pistions from JE. Now if this was actually done i dont know because they guy kinda did a shity job and closed down the shop not long after my car was done. I'm my opinion i think it was a half ass job. But my car is diffenetly faster. Its a torque monster now. I laugh at hills that used to make me have to down shift just so i can make it up it. I'm ready to battle arron now in this 78 ford with the 300 striaght 6. I havent really done anything since the motor rebuild because i'm wiating until i get the new DOHC 1.6 ZC motor in my car.
I'm looking for a place that carries these motors and i found a place in colorado and they only want $395 for them!! plus shipping and handling which is probably around $100....i still need to talk to someone there about this..i'll probably e-mail them tomorrow if i have time
I've got good news and bad news. The good news it that i got an e-mail from Nippon Motors about the ZC motor. The bad is that they now want $495.00 for the motor. The web page i found the motor for only $395.00 was an old web page that havent been updated. But $495.00 still a great price for a long block engine with only 30,000 miles on it.
I went to walmart to buy my mom a birthday present and when i came back to my car there was a letter on the wiper. I guess someone from a club noticed my car. The club is called Underground Racing and they are interested in getting people together to race at night on country roads. I have to e-mail him and he'll send me more info about the whole thing. If you are interested in all this let me know and i'll give you the info to get a hold of him.
distributor fuck'en shit the bed!!...long story!!
i ended up finding a dist. for only $164.00 at auto zone
i just bought tires from i bought 205/40/16ZR for only $74.00 each plus shipping and handling while only came out to another $30 for everything and its supposed to arrive at my house in 3 days!!...i should get it either today or tomorrow. I should be able to buy the ZC in a couple of weeks if everything goes as planned. I have a week off from school for spring break and i plan on working my ass off 60 hours+ for the week hopefully which will bring in enought to buy the motor.
i got my tires on the 13th..the look awesome...i'm going to wait for a couple of weeks before i put them on because of the salty roads and the snow...i should be buying the motor in the next couple of weeks...i work 70+ with my friend robbie so i'll have enought money now to buy the motor:)...i might be taking out a loan also to get this project moving along a little faster!!
i getting prices right now for cams, clutches and lighten flywheels. So far i got some info on cams. I'm going to buy cams from crower...they were really quick to respond to me and have fair prices. they said i should expect around 10hp and they are only $139 for the pair! which is a good deal if u ask me.
the motor should be ordered hopefully sometime late this week!!..i talked the a guy that works their to see if they accept credit cards and they do. Visa and master card only.
Lots of research shows that i can get a B16a1 for the same price as the ZC so i'm now going to put a B16a1 in the good'ol civic enstead. The B16a1 has around 160-170hp at the crank with vtec. Hopefully next year i'll have it in the car.
My brospeed exhaust rusted in one little spot on the first pipe right after the cat but i think i'm going to buy a whole new system....something crazy!!!!!....i'm going to look at DC sports. all and all i'm going to have to say that the brospeed exhaust was a good exhaust thats lasted a lot longer then most aftermarket exhaust out there.

What am i going to do to this motor??
Arias 10/1 compression pistons and rods $700for both
Crower cams...omly $139+shipping
Shaved, ported and polished head....around $200
cam gears...$200
ACT 6 clutch....$250
lighten flywheel...$300

What am i going to do to the car in the future?
Jackson Racing Supercharger...$2250
JR kit(from 6psi to 10psi)...around$800

Send pictures!!