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The ZC motor
The Crazy Civic page

One of my future plans for the civic is to swap my Si(d16a6 motor) with a JDM spec Si(ZC)motor. The ZC motor came stock in the Si in Japan. Its a 1.6liter DOHC non-vetec that has around 140hp. You can usually find these motors for around $500.00 to $1000.00. The motor usually has around 30k to 40k on it. The reason these motors are so cheap is because japan has strick pollution laws and anyone that has a motor with over 30k on it has to pay a fine.
With a stock ZC motor in stock Civic H/B u should be able to run a 14.7-15 second 1/4.
I was told that i should be able to beat a gsr with if i have Intake/header and exhaust.


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