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Here is Robs crazy 68 firebird. He bought the car back in March 97. The car was parked outside for the first couple months, until a leak was found on the driver side firewall. It was then fixed, but a garage was purchased to cover the car up and protect its beautiful paint job..(haha)

The car sat for about a year before I got a job to buy some stuff for it.

Whats new on the car:

Valve cover gaskets, Radiator, radiator hoses, Water pump, Time Chain and Gears, Brakes on all four wheel and all new wheel cylinders. New Upper Control Arm Bushings, about 8 sets of new spark plugs due to bad rings, New O.E.M. Quadrajet Carberator, Heater CoreNew BF Goodrich radial t/a's, now sporting 15x28.5 McCrearys on Bart Racing Wheels for the rear. New Carpet, floors redone in both the trunk and the floor.
Even though the motor had it better days we still clocked it at 6.1seconds 0-60!!...but i dont know how accuate that is seeing that we did it was a regular whatch and the driver yells go and stop when we reach 60.
The firebird is off the road now but when it was on the road we use to race all the time. No matter how we raced we were exactlly even from 0-100mph+, but once he gets his 455 in its not going to be the same story but hopefully i wont be far behind after finishing my project with me car.

Rob's crazy interceptor 500



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